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At Amici's East Coast Pizzeria, we believe those who prefer a vegetarian or vegan diet deserve more than one or two token menu choices.

We've made sure that all Amici's locations offer a great selection of Vegetarian and Vegan dishes, and all Amici's pizzas can be made using Daiya Non-Dairy Vegan Cheese at no extra charge.


Gluten-Free pizzas are now available at all Amici's East Coast Pizzeria locations.

We purchase our specially made vegan Gluten-Free Pizza Crusts from Mariposa Baking Company in Oakland, CA.

Our kitchens take all necessary steps to avoid contamination of gluten-free items with wheat products, including:
  • They will prepare each Gluten-Free item in a designated “clean” area, away from any flour or other wheat products.
  • Pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings are stored in a special area away from any other food products.
  • Your pizza will be baked on a specially designed raised baking screen, so that it will not come into contact with the cooking surface used for other pizzas.
  • Your pizza will be sliced using a special cutter that is ONLY used for Gluten-Free Pizzas.

Ready To Order?
If you have questions or are ready to order a pizza, please call or visit an Amici's near you.