Amici's East Coast Pizzeria offers catering options with FREE DELIVERY from our entire menu to fulfill the dining needs of groups of any size. (Lunch for 1000 people...? No problem!). We have 2 ways to serve your large group.

Our Catering Menu is designed for groups who would prefer to order Pastas, Salads, & Side Dishes to be served in larger containers so that guests can help themselves to a selection of items buffet-style (in addition to the usual Pizza, Beverage, & Dessert options).

Our Delivery Menu is designed for those who prefer to serve all menu items individually.

Both menu options include complimentary Plates, Napkins, Utensils etc upon request.


For more information or to have one of our catering specialists contact you:

Please e-mail John Killmon, Director of Operations


Why Amici's is the best choice for your business and other catering needs:

  • 30 years experience as specialists in providing Bay Area catering

  • Fully customized menu combinations with many vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free options

  • Menu options to fit your budget

  • Simple and convenient ordering process

  • Priority and on time FREE DELIVERY by our smart and professional staff

  • Environmentally friendly packaging and supplies


 Food spread with hands grabbing food